Hey, Dan here. Hope everyone’s enjoying a spooky October.

So… Did you think we were just bloggers? ‘Cause that’s not it. We’re also movie stars.

The Taste Basket is proud to re-release a little mockumentary called The Evil Room, which Kevin and I shot in April 2013, during our junior year at SUNY Purchase College. It’s our 30-minute homage to the paranormal and Christopher Guest—and a bittersweet reminder of simpler times, when we were bored undergraduates with little responsibility and twinkles in our eyes.

The Evil Room is arguably underappreciated YouTube filmmaker Kevin Redding’s masterpiece. We like to think of it as a cult classic, really. Though it saw a late spring release back in 2013, it is the perfect Halloween film. Maybe an October re-release, in fact, is what this baby needs. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity now.

The Evil Room is the story of a boy (Kevin Redding) and his quest to rid his college apartment of an evil spirit that slams doors, stacks chairs, and makes disturbing gurgling noises in the night. For some drama, Kevin’s roommate Nic (our mutual friend and actual college roommate Nic Palmeri) is a skeptic, and hired ghost hunter Dan (yours truly) isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. The film also features regular Taste Basket contributor PJ Grisar, in a role not unlike Vincent D’Onofrio in Sinister, and an uncredited performance from Kevin’s demonic clown doll, Blowjob, who is now living out his retirement with me in Upstate New York.

We hope you love The Evil Room as much as we always will.

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