Ahhh, the wonders of growing up in the late 90s! I mean, sure, the decade saw its fair share of downsides like acid-wash jeans and Nicky & Alex from Full House, but it really was a blast of green slime to be a kid at the time, even more so if you were a Halloween-loving kid! From horror anthology juggernauts Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Goosebumps to kid-friendly spooky movies like Casper and Halloweentown all the way to McDonalds’ Halloween McNugget Buddies, it seemed there was a larger presence of the holiday in the air. Also, no decade did special Halloween episodes better than the 90s. Among the best of them was Boy Meets World‘s season 5 slasher homage “And Then There Was Shawn,” an exciting and poignant episode that wasn’t afraid to get real and bring the scares. In the fourth entry of THE MONSTER MASHKETEERS series, Scott from New York breaks down what he loves about this particular episode and the postmodern reaction to the horror genre that ruled the 90s:

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