Hey there, folks! Have you listened to the newest episode of our companion podcast yet? In this one, Dan and Kevin discuss Better Call Saul and are even briefly joined by friend and fellow Taste Basket writer Logan Metcalf.

For those of you who have already watched Breaking Bad in its entirety, you should be onto Better Call Saul now, with froth at your lips—but in the event that you haven’t gotten around to watching the first two episodes of the already wildly acclaimed spin-off series, be warned that this episode of The Taste Basket Podcast is spoiler-ridden.

What would be even sadder? If you had yet to experience Breaking Bad and you somehow decided to listen to us. As these two programs share a universe, this episode also contains some BB spoilers. We don’t advise you listen until you’re with the times, dweeb.

But please, listen. And share! As always, thanks for your support and stay tuned for future developments.

You can also listen to us on Podbean.

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