Well, we did it. We finally gave in and started a companion Podcast, one which is admittedly still a work in progress, but which should nonetheless exist on the Internet in all its endearing start-up charm as soon as possible. Hence, we’re linking you now to our Podcast’s temporary “Podbean” page, as well as to YouTube.

Future plans include: access to listening on other platforms (namely, Soundcloud) and downloading on the iTunes Store; the long-awaited redesign of the blog (and subsequently, its companion Podcast) and the establishment of a strong Facebook presence. This is all going to take some time (and a little money) but we’re putting our heads together to get it done. And it’s all for you, Damien. All for you.

So enjoy listening to Episode #001 of The Taste Basket Podcast, wherein hosts Dan Poorman and Kevin Redding talk about Frank (2014), The Skeleton Twins (2014), the Academy’s obsession with biopics and the subsequent obscuring of the biopic’s place in recreational film-viewing, plus Rivers Cuomo and Weezer in the Pinkerton years and the man behind the legendary pet rock, Gary Dahl.  Also note a “highlight reel” from a previous test episode, which features Dan and Kevin welcoming Scott Interrante* and PJ Grisar into a discussion of Cinema Paradiso (1988) and Big Eyes (2014).

Stay tuned!

*Speaking of Podcasts, Scott co-hosts a couple of his own: the Pop Unmuted Podcast, which focuses on the academic discussion of pop music, and “Are We Even Friends?”wherein he and his own friend, Emily, marathon the TV show Friends. Be sure to check them out too.

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